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Gearbox diagnostics and inspection

Specialised diagnostic services In order to assess the condition of equipment, extensive training, experience and specialised tools are required. Stork has all of these aspects combined in the diagnostic engineer team. We are really proud to have such a skilled team of engineers, constantly prepared and providing service worldwide. Did you know that we performed over 4000 inspections with a track record of more than 20 years?

Specialised diagnostic services

Our diagnostic team can help optimise your maintenance and therefore reduce your costs. They are able to perform a broad range of inspections. The inspection can be customised, depending on the operational significance of your installation.

After assessment of the general condition we can immediately start the repair process to make sure the installation has minimal downtime.

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  • Visual inspections (with video scope)
  • Vibration measurements (CSI and ADRE)
  • Accurate geometric measurements
  • Torque measurements
  • Infrared measurements
  • Shaft alignments
  • Oil analysis
  • On-site balancing
Stork Gears and Services

Machine diagnostics

Visual inspections

Visual inspections on machinery are a powerful tool to assess the condition of the machinery. Stork uses different endoscopes, also called boroscopes or videoscopes. The endoscopes are mostly used by the Diagnostic department to inspect bearings of gearboxes and gears in a planetary arranged gearbox. The endoscopes can be equipped differently in order to inspect very small bearings as well as large planetary gearboxes. Pictures are taken or even video can be recorded to present the results of the inspection. Most commonly, pictures are added to a technical report with an analysis of the observed damage pattern, followed by the conclusions and recommendations.
Visual inspections

Faro Arm

Vibration measurements

Stork Diagnostic Services uses two systems to conduct vibration measurements: the CSI portable spectrum analyser and the Bently Nevada multichannel real-time analyser. Both systems are used to determine the dynamic behaviour of turbo machinery by measuring housing vibration and axle displacement. We able to measure vibration levels onsite (the spectrum analyser can detect all kinds of errors and/or defects). Should a problem be encountered, its cause will be determined and discussed with the client. Stork Gears & Services may, at that stage, be asked to resolve it.
Vibration measurements

Geometric measurements

Stork Diagnostic Services uses a Faro measuring arm to conduct high-accuracy onsite measurements. The data obtained can be used to define overall gearbox geometry or to reverse engineer one or more parts. To this end, the data is imported into a 3D CAD programme and analysed by our engineering department. 3D measurement can also be used to align gearboxes, turbines and bogies.
Using the newest laser equipment, precise measurements accurate to within 0.01 mm can be performed, such as:
  • Shaft alignments
  • Flatness
  • Straightness
  • Perpendicular measurements
  • Line boring
  • Parallel measurements
Geometric measurements


Torque measurements

Stork Diagnostic Services performs torque measurements where strain gauges are used (gearboxes and propeller shafts). We are able to monitor torque levels continuously. Stork installed many torque systems around the world that  are now successfully used to control the drivers load (most commonly diesel engines). These installations prevent unacceptable tensional stresses, which can lead to damage or failure of the installation.
Torque measurements

gearbox measurements

Infrared measurements

Stork Diagnostic Services measures mechanical and electrical equipment for thermographic infrared emissions. Our Raytek ThermoViewTM Ti30, which is used to measure the temperature of metals and non-metals, has an operating range between 0 and 2500oC (32 to 4820oF).
Infrared measurements