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Gearbox diagnostics - Inspection, measurement, monitoring and trouble-shooting services for critical rotating equipment

  • Diagnostic services for Oil & GasFull asset management for critical, high-speed rotating equipment
  • Diagnostic services for PowerMaximising plant availibility, minimising downtime
  • Diagnostics services for MarineDetect failures to rotating equipment at an early stage
  • Diagnostics services for PowerEnd of warranty inspections & independent recommendations

In process industries like Oil & Gas, Chemical and power, it’s vital to enhance performance and ensure reliability. Maintaining rotating equipment is an important driver for performance. In order to assess the condition of rotating equipment, our team of Diagnostic engineers offers endoscopic inspections, condition monitoring and a broad range of measurements on gearboxes and other equipment such as pumps, compressors, electro-motors, turbines and generators.

Diagnostic services for Power, Oil & Gas and Marine


We use in-depth gearbox failure mode & criticality analysis to optimize your maintenance costs, improve your equipment’s reliability, help your organization shift from unplanned to planned maintenance and improving uptime and efficiency. Our diagnostic engineer inspects and analyses the condition of your rotating equipment and translate the findings into practical recommendations based on our former OEM knowledge and extensive repair experience.

One-stop shop: FROM inspection to repair

Diagnostic services can be performed on a consistent basis as part of a condition based monitoring program, or as troubleshooting in case of abnormal machine behaviour. After assessment of the general condition we can immediately start the repair process to make sure the installation has minimal downtime.


At Stork, our people are concerned about one thing: Meeting or exceeding customer needs in a safe, quality, timely manner. This is why world-class corporations rely on us for total Rotating Equipment Diagnostics solutions to optimize the performance of their critical rotating machinery. Did you know that we performed over 4000 inspections with a track record of more than 50 years?

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Machine diagnostics


We ensure the long term reliability and safety of your equipment by detecting faults at an early stage and limiting the likelihood of future breakdowns and incidents through:

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